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Jason. Creator of BlackDroog and BlackDroog Media

Jason. Creator of BlackDroog and BlackDroog Media

Jason is a self-taught, independent artist, musician and writer based in the USA. He always had an attraction to art and writing at an early age. In elementary school he would create comic book characters then sketch them throughout his notebooks. In middle school English class, his teacher gave an assignment to write and illustrate your own graphic novel. That experience cultivated in Jason a life-long appreciation of art and an unflinching desire to create it.   As an adult he found himself drawing cartoon faces every chance he could get. On napkins in restaurants, in his notebook during a slow meeting at work, on the train, waiting in the doctor's office, etc. It went on for years. One of those many drawings had a strange tattoo under his eye and a bright purple hat...that character would later become BlackDroog and Jason's life as an artist would never be the same.  

There is no "deep" meaning to the name BlackDroog other than the fact that Jason was watching a movie where the characters referred to each other as "Droog" instead of "friend". He liked the way "droog" sounded, so one day when trying to figure out his new screen-name, he added "Black" in front of "droog"and the name was born. BlackDroog was first used as the name for a Blog that Jason created in 2008 as a way to exercise his writing skills. The blog was an entertainment blog that focused primarily on hip-hop culture, sports, fashion and tv/film. He had a handful of loyal readers before it was eventually shut down in 2012 when Jason discovered his next artistic venture...Music.

As an avid music collector, Jason always had an attraction to album covers and regards them (in some cases) as works of fine art. So when looking for a new creative outlet, it was an easy decision for him to explore album cover design. However there was only one problem with that...Jason didn't sing, didn't rap and didn't play any instruments so obviously he didn't have any music to design an album cover for. Jason taught himself how to make beats by watching hours of YouTube videos and practicing on an iphone app. His first full album was titled "The Soundtrack To Nonsense" and was released in 2012 on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. The Album had about 5 downloads and less than 50 streams but after that experience Jason was hooked. He loved the process of creating beats from scratch, playing with various sounds, coming up with a theme for the album then creating song titles, and most importantly...designing the album cover.  

The album cover for "The Soundtrack To Nonsense" featured a drawing of BlackDroog holding an MPC sampler and from that day forward, BlackDroog instantly became the face of Jason's music. The BlackDroog brand further expanded when Jason began to create scenes featuring the character in various settings to help promote his albums.  Jason has recorded and released over 20 instrumental albums under the BlackDroog moniker as well as dozens of instrumentals for other artists. Jason is also a writer and is currently developing an animated series with BlackDroog as one of the primary characters and most recently launched a clothing line featuring BlackDroog and others. BlackDroog has also been featured in comics, animated shorts and a plethora of digital art pieces.  Jason's goal with BlackDroog is to make it a household name synonymous with creativity and imagination. 

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