BlackDroog One on One (Exclusive Interview)

Reporter, Kelly Tronic recently sat down with the elusive Artist and Visionary, BlackDroog to discuss life, astral projection, the moon, 90's hip hop and his new EP, The Pineal Suite. The eccentric BlackDroog has been notoriously unavailable to media outlets over the past decade but after several failed attempts and dozens of unanswered emails, he finally agreed to this exclusive interview under the following conditions: No Video, No Cell Phones, No Food. The Crew also had to be blindfolded as we traveled to and from his home for what he described as "security concerns". Despite the strict rules and mystery surrounding this interview, BlackDroog was a gracious host and really opened up in a way that has never been seen to the public. 

Kelly Tronic and BlackDroog at an undisclosed location. 

Kelly Tronic and BlackDroog at an undisclosed location. 

KT: Well, well, well...The elusive BlackDroog. Thank you for finally agreeing to meet with us. You aren't really a big fan of the media are you?

BD: [No Response]

KT: This is quite a unique house. Is this your home?

BD: I spend some time here every now and then. It's a good place for thinking. It's possible it's haunted but I haven't had any problems yet.

KT: So...Tell us a little about you. Where are you from?

BD: Nowhere.

KT: Excuse me? You have to be from somewhere...right?

BD: That's the name of the town. Nowhere, USA.

KT: Oh...pardon me. I'm not familiar with that area. You are somewhat of an eccentric musician. And, to be clear, I use the term "eccentric" in the most flattering way possible. Your music doesn't sound like anything else we’ve ever heard. What musicians inspire and influenced your unique sound?

BD: The RZA, Alchemist, DJ Muggs, Portishead, John Coltrane, Amon Tobin, Mobb Deep, The Apocalypse Now Soundtrack and Marvin Gaye. Also a lot of Science Fiction movie scores, electronics, the stars...and early 90s hip hop in general.  

KT: That is an impressive list. Do you care to elaborate on any of that?

BD: No.

[Editor's NOTE: At this point in the interview, there was a brief moment of uncomfortable silence while Kelly and BlackDroog both stared at each other waiting for the other to talk.]

KT: You recently released a video depicting a situation on the moon. Can you explain exactly what happened there?

BD: [Visually uncomfortable] I am unable to disclose all of the details of what may or may not have occurred on the Moon but let me just say...I will be back and things will be a lot different the next time. 

KT: I see. That experience on the Moon is what inspired your new Album, The Pineal Suite?

BD: Yeah. Partly. That whole experience changed the way I saw the a good way. It felt like my third eye opened, you know? Everything was clearer and brighter. I was able to see and hear things that I couldn’t before. It was wild. So I wanted to represent my experience musically. To capture that feeling and translate it into an audio form.  That is basically what the album represents.

KT: That is fascinating. And is it true that the core music on the album came to you in a dream and that you then sampled the dream music to create each song on the album?

BD: Yes.  

KT: What does BlackDroog like to do for Fun?

BD: I recently met with a hypnotist to do a past life regression and to learn more about astral projection. It's a good way for me to experience time travel and connect with my roots and former incarnations without actually having to physically travel through a worm hole or anything. Wormholes are not ideal because you will likely die and/or be stuck. I wouldn't recommend that. Astral projection is much safer as long as you know how to get back into your body afterwards. 

[Editor's Note: Another brief moment of uncomfortable silence as BlackDroog awaits the next question and Kelly takes all of this in. There was a brief staring contest between the two until one of BlackDroog's associates, a large man with red dreadlocks and a tailored grey suit, entered the room and pointed to his watch signaling to Kelly that it was time to warp it up]

KT: Well we seem to be running out of time but I would love to follow up on that. All of it sounds intriguing.

BD: Cool. I will give you the hypnotist's number. She was will love it.

KT: Thanks. I can't wait [sarcastically]. But before we go, tell us what we can expect from BlackDroog in the near future?

BD: Well of course, I have The Pineal Suite dropping later this month. February 16th.  Also my album Mr. Droog is available now. Then I have my Portrait exhibit at the Museum. That was really cool. All the homies showed up and participated. It is a dope exhibit. You should check it out. What else...Ummm. Oh...I recently started a Band. The BlackDroog Band. Yeah...That was cool...We have an album coming out soon. And I have some other projects lined up. I'm always working on something, you know? 

KT: Thank you so much for having us. It was a pleasure to chat with you. We look forward to your new EP and all of the great projects you have coming up. 

BD: Cool. Take Care...Peace.

Blackdroog's EP, The Pineal Suite will be available on February 16, 2018 on most major music platforms. 

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