The BlackDroog Portrait Series

BlackDroog's first art exhibit at the BlackDroog Museum recently launched and, so far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The exhibit focuses on Portraits created by BlackDroog featuring some of his close friends and associates as the subjects.


The music producer-turned-artist said; "I wanted to get my bros together and show them in a positive light but an authentic light at the same time." He further elaborated by saying; "A lot of times when you see brothas in the spotlight in the media they look crazy, you know? They'll be wild ignorant or they perpetuate negative stereotypes and whatnot. Then you have people on the other side who try to reverse the negative perception but they have brothas looking super fake and super corny. So the goal of this project was to show that brothas can be regal and classy but still authentic to their own style and vibe without looking like a lame. You can wear a fat gold chain and still be an intelligent dude who reads about quantum physics and stuff like that. Or...Just because you have on all black with a high top fade doesn't mean you are a rapper or a thug. A brotha can walk around with mean mug on his face and it doesn't mean he's about to murder somebody, you know? Some dudes just look mad sometimes. That might just be how their face is shaped. People are different but they are still all people. That's what I tried to capture."

The exhibit will run at the BlackDroog Museum in Nowhere, USA until February 30th, 2019. Check out some of the featured pieces below:

Hoodie N Chain
Droog Hoodie
DreadFace001 - FRAMED.jpg
Droog MEdallion
Fitted N Polo