New Album Release Date

BlackDroog’s “The Pineal Suite” Album Release Date Announced!

The New BlackDroog Album, The Pineal Suite, now has an official release date. The EP features original instrumentals created by BlackDroog using what he described as  "Some alien music that I heard in a dream and  some dope drums".  While the true origins of the so-called "alien music" remain a mystery, we do know that each track was constructed using a piece of the same music creating an enlightening and unique audio visual experience.  When asked about the meaning of the name of the album BlackDroog responded "I recently had some issues during my last visit to the Moon. They kicked me out and I think the process jolted my Third Eye open. This album is pretty much the soundtrack to the process of opening your Third Eye." The space traveling artist explained. "This album will change the way you think about music and the way you look at the world for the rest of your life." He added. If any of BlackDroog's previous work is any indication of what to expect, it sounds like we should be prepared to have your minds blown and our third eyes opened. The album releases on Friday, February 16, 2018 and will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Napster and Bandcamp. Check out the official Album Artwork below:

BlackDroog - Pineal Suite EP (Cover).jpg